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Warranty terms and conditions.

Contents and scope of the commercial warranty:

The warranty period of any goods sold is specified for each individual item on its product page, as well as in the warranty card, which the consumer gets upon receiving the item. The period commences as of the purchase date. The warranty covers any defects occurring during proper use of the goods. Warranty service is free of charge and performed at the office of the Company located at: Bulgaria, Sofia, 9 Alexander von Humboldt Str.

Submission of a complaint:

Upon occurrence of any defect, the product shall be repaired or replaced with a new one within 30 calendar days. The warranty period shall not change, regardless of whether a replacement or repair was performed.

Complaints shall be filed at the office of the Company upon provision of:

1) Warranty card;

2) Payment document for purchase (fiscal receipt or invoice);

3) The product to which the complaint refers.

Any costs of delivery (courier service) shall be borne by the Company upon compliance with the following conditions:

1) The consumer has registered a complaint through the website, by telephone or e-mail, and has specified an address, telephone and date when the Company shall send a courier at its own cost.

2) Any shipments sent by courier without a previously registered complaint through a special functionality of the website, by telephone or e-mail AT THE EXPENSE of the Company, will be rejected and returned to the sender.

In case of non-conformity of the goods, the Trade Wraranty does not cancel the legal remedies for protection of the consumer against the seller, which are not related to costs for him, and arise from Art. 26 to Art. 48 of the Law on Provision of Digital Content and Digital Services and on Sale of Goods.